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Picking a breeder - does your breeder offer this? - We do!

Our bloodline is full of European and Canadian Champions. 

Our kennel and puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club not just pure bred paperwork. 

Kortun Kennels is registered with our local township.
The SPCA completes annual inspections of our  kennel and provides completion documentation.

Kortun Kennels is a registered company with the Ministry of Finance.

Provides a warranty with all puppies
All breeding dogs are tested, are clear of GM1, PRA, OFA and improper coat 

We do everything above the standards!

We are happy to show our documents for all listed above and are here to help through your pets life for families that join the Kortun Kennels family!

Kortun Kennels takes every step to ensure we are doing the best for our bloodlines. All legal business requirements and most of all creating a reputable kennel to find your next family member.

When visiting other breeders ask to see their records and certificates to prove they are what they say they are including registration license with their town/city, inspection record by the SPCA and the Ministry of Finance!


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