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Home of Purebred Canadian and European Championship Bloodlines

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About Us

We are breeders of Portuguese Water Dogs, located in Millbrook, Ontario Canada. 

Portuguese Water Dogs are purebred, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic and are a medium breed. 

We have been breeding Portuguese Water Dogs with our family since 2002.  We started this website to get more exposure to our kennel and the Portuguese Water Dog breed.  The Portuguese Water Dog is recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.  We truly believe Portuguese Water Dogs are easily one of the best family pets.

We are a registered kennel with our township, the Canadian Kennel Club both as a breeder and a registered kennel.  Most breeders only register their puppies, we have gone the extra step to show we are a great kennel by registering our kennel with the Canadian Kennel Club as well.  The SPCA completes annual inspections of our home where our adults and puppies are.  Litters are always in our home with us, not in a basement or separate building/location.

Kortun Kennels is a registered business which means we are not a fly by night breeder.  We work hard to be the best kennel experience you will have to help feel confident in your decision to join the Kortun Kennels family. 

All of Kortun Kennels Portuguese Water Dog breeding adults are all tested for GM1 clear/normal , PRA clear/normal and OFA approved.

All of our puppies go home with Canadian Kennel Club approved serial coded micro-chipped, first shots, full veterinarian checkup and we also have a 2 year guarantee of Hip Dysplasia, GM1 and PRA.  The Serial coded microchip allows veterinarians and animal shelters to scan a lost animal which contains information such as home location, dogs name and your contact information.  The information on the chip is kept with the Canadian Kennel Club and the manufacturer of the chips.  The chip does not require batteries and is no danger to your pet. 

Portuguese Water Dogs being hypo-allergenic and non-shedding are very beneficial to allergy suffering families. Families that have had "fur" coated pets know the amount of cleaning required to keep fur from collecting on the floor, clothing, furniture etc.  Portuguese Water Dogs shed like humans, which means a very minimal cleaning.

All Portuguese Water Dogs are sold on a non-breeding contract with Kortun Kennels and the Canadian Kennel Club.

Kortun Kennels has families all across Canada, the USA and other international locations.

We work with Canadian and European championship breeders to provide the best Portuguese Water Dog bloodlines.

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